Monday, January 12, 2009

Lose Weight With Nate

I decided to switch to Wordpress and host my own blog. Because I need to lose weight, I talk about that and blogging in general at:

For now, I have free weight loss samples available of Weight-Loss Plus by Liberty Health Network. My buddy Mike in New Zealand told me about it and it seems to be working.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

OMG Have I found my niche?

Have I finally found a niche to work on the Internet?

Maybe - Maybe not. I do have something in mind.

Thing is (and I'm not too ashamed to tell you) - I'm not
the greatest Internet marketer in the world. Really,
I'm pretty bad at it though I have had some success.
In the long run, I've probably lost more than I've made.

That full disclosure is to let anyone who reads my stuff
know that I'm not out here trying to BS anyone.

I've worked at home for 6 years, but the economy is crashing down on us and it's time to get serious about becoming self-sufficient again.

Many experts say you should find a niche, create a blog, become an affiliate, build a list, etc.

OK great. Sounds fairly easy, but...

Some say do a free blog like this one on Blogger - others say you must own web space and do your own Wordpress. Yaro Starak says build one niche and dominate. Blogging to the Bank says build many and spread it around.

Then they say become an affiliate. Some say Clickbank, some say Commission Junction, Amazon, on and on and on.

Build a list they say. Oh just write an ebook to give away. People will sign up.

It's all good information, but you have a hard time getting money to come in with all of this which brings me back to the niche I'm considering.

I've tried all the Melaleucas and Shaklees. Great products, but I have enough vitamins for a couple of more years! Another example of more money going out than coming in.

Having thought about it for a year now, I figured my product would have to be something where the product is of value. I hate the word "recruit" and it would have to be something where I or anyone else who teams up with me does not have to recruit. I want something where you can team up with others, but you don't have to if you don't want to; something where the product has intrinsic value and stands on it's own.

In this post, I won't tell you my niche because I haven't jumped in yet.
Honestly, I need to educate myself more before I can blog about it. (Maybe this weekend)

When I do, I want to have a plan together. Like a cut and paste algorithm for others to easily follow. What blog format, what autoresponder, what hosting , what WSYWIG editor, what FTP, what everything else. Take out the guesswork.

Basically - no surprises.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

List Jumper by Darren Oleander

Thank God those elections are over! I thought McCain was going to make a comeback, but I was wrong. It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. I'm just glad the commercials are over.

The other day during all this, I got an email from a guy I met online a while back by the name of Darren Olander. He created a list building site called List Jumper. It's free to join and you can
earn credits by either referring others or reading emails. You inturn can use those credits
to jump ahead on the list and the people you jump ahead of will receive your message when you advertise. You can send a message to your list every 3 days.

It looks like a cool program for anyone who needs to advertise and has a limited budget.

Like me :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long Voting Line in Gretna, LA

This morning, I got up early to vote and brought my soon to be teenage daughter for the first time and let her push the buttons. She really enjoyed it and now feels like she's part of the process.

What amazed me was the line; it was a 30 minute wait. I've been voting for 25 years and have only waited in line once, and that was for 5 minutes. Normally the voting booths are in the lobby of the gym, but today they were at that back of the basketball court allowing the line to stay indoors. I saw guys I grew up with who I rarely see and many others including my mom who was thrilled to see my daughter enter the booth.

Tonight will be interesting to say the least and I think this election will be closer than what they say in the news.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is Traffic Exchange Profits for You?

Last night, I was looking for ways to promote my link and ran across something called Traffic Exchange Profits by Butterfly Marketing (I think that's right).

It looks like a really good strategy and I will use pieces and parts of it, but I decided not to jump in head first. Had I found it before establishing a account I may have done it. Down the road, I may even do it with another account, but I will pass for now. The main reason being time and distraction.

The free Traffic Exchange Profits report explains how traffic exchanges work and the motivations of those who use them. It breaks it down into two important components:

1.) Getting Traffic
2.) List Building

In the getting traffic section, it recommends promoting Vital Viral on the front end to help build your traffic by building downlines in various traffic exchanges by promoting one link. It recommends for your autoresponder and list building, which is all good.
Here is the free report. The catch is, you have to join Trafficwave from that persons link.
If you wanted to use Traffic Exchange Profits, but already have a account, you would have to open another.

To fund your efforts, they want you to sell copies of "Stop Getting Scammed" by Dave Gray of the OBA (Online Business Alliance). For $5 you get that, a few other books and software and a membership into the OBA. It's well worth the $5 and it's a quick sale. Selling 4 a month covers your TW membership and selling more allows you to either buy traffic or upgrade in traffic exchanges to pro memberships. I joined OBA about a year ago and it paid for itself many times over. The problem for me was, the people who joined with me for different reasons, couldn't promote it and got frustrated. Basically, I made a video that did well. I need to start thinking of doing one for TW if I can get over myself hating do it. It did work like a charm, but I didn't feel right when others weren't willing to do it and had problems making sales. Basically, they wanted to put their link in a traffic exchange and hope for the best. Generic, self-replicated pages are convenient, but they do not work well in traffic exchanges.

Again, Traffic Exchange Profits is a good plan but for me it's a time thing. If you have time to go through all of this, it may be a good thing for you. The other thing is distraction.

For me it's way too easy to get distracted and all of this would be a distraction from my goal of promoting . This is something I've learned the hard way.

With Vital Viral, you can get people to join but more than likely they will already have memberships in numerous traffic exchanges and they will simply enter their existing user ids which does not help you build traffic.

Of course, these are my mere opinions and you will have to choose for yourself which methods work best for you. Put it like this, you can't go wrong using Traffic Exchange Profits with OBA for upfront cash, Vital Viral for lead generation, and for your list if you have the time and ability to stay focused.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Praxis II Mathematics Content Knowledge 0061

Instead of typing on this blog, I need to be studying for the Praxis II math test. I'm taking it on Saturday, November 15, 08. It's been a long time for some of these concepts, but I need to do well as I got a call for an interview today.

Our real estate appraisal business is really slow and Wendy (my wife) can handle it on her own.
It was great for 6 years, but with the economy the way it is, I need to get a job.

I applied at McDonalds, Burger King, Rally's, and Raising Canes, but they didn't call, thank God!

My last job was as a middle school math teacher, but I told the lady who called me today that I wanted to teach high school. We'll see how that goes. Again, I need to worry about passing the Praxis II, but they want to interview me before the test. Maybe it will work out better that way.

If anyone out there wants to compare notes on the Praxis II Mathematics Content Knowledge 0061, please let me know.

Maybe we can help each other.

Brian Rooney of Trafficwave started a blog so I did too!

Here I go again with a brand new blog. According to most blogging theorist, aspiring bloggers should pick a topic and stay on it to attract targeted organic traffic.

Whatever! - I have too many interests to stay on one topic so I have to just go with the groove, which conveniently brings me to the topic.

Brian Rooney, founder of Trafficwave, started a new blog today so I did too. Among many other things, Trafficwave is an autoresponder sevice and has been around since 2000.

What caught my attention is Brian Rooney is a freelance bass guitarist/vocalist and I basically do the same thing though not much freelance. I guess you can say Brian and me are groovers.
Tomorrow night (Halloween Night) I'll be playing at "The Blue Angel", a place in front of Alvin Callendar Naval Air Station in Belle Chasse, LA. I'll try to pull off the new Kid Rock tune, "All Summer Long". Wish me luck. I may even practive it before I go.

The other thing is, Trafficwave ROCKS! It's a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to maintain a list and has a great compensation plan for lagniappe (a little something extra).
Plus, Brian is very active and answers questions personally; it's a close knit thing. Other autoresponders like Aweber and Get Response in my opinion are cumbersome and a little more expensive. (I've used both)

Anyway, anyone who wants a free trial from this link can get an extra month on me.

Nathan's Trafficwave Link