Thursday, November 13, 2008

OMG Have I found my niche?

Have I finally found a niche to work on the Internet?

Maybe - Maybe not. I do have something in mind.

Thing is (and I'm not too ashamed to tell you) - I'm not
the greatest Internet marketer in the world. Really,
I'm pretty bad at it though I have had some success.
In the long run, I've probably lost more than I've made.

That full disclosure is to let anyone who reads my stuff
know that I'm not out here trying to BS anyone.

I've worked at home for 6 years, but the economy is crashing down on us and it's time to get serious about becoming self-sufficient again.

Many experts say you should find a niche, create a blog, become an affiliate, build a list, etc.

OK great. Sounds fairly easy, but...

Some say do a free blog like this one on Blogger - others say you must own web space and do your own Wordpress. Yaro Starak says build one niche and dominate. Blogging to the Bank says build many and spread it around.

Then they say become an affiliate. Some say Clickbank, some say Commission Junction, Amazon, on and on and on.

Build a list they say. Oh just write an ebook to give away. People will sign up.

It's all good information, but you have a hard time getting money to come in with all of this which brings me back to the niche I'm considering.

I've tried all the Melaleucas and Shaklees. Great products, but I have enough vitamins for a couple of more years! Another example of more money going out than coming in.

Having thought about it for a year now, I figured my product would have to be something where the product is of value. I hate the word "recruit" and it would have to be something where I or anyone else who teams up with me does not have to recruit. I want something where you can team up with others, but you don't have to if you don't want to; something where the product has intrinsic value and stands on it's own.

In this post, I won't tell you my niche because I haven't jumped in yet.
Honestly, I need to educate myself more before I can blog about it. (Maybe this weekend)

When I do, I want to have a plan together. Like a cut and paste algorithm for others to easily follow. What blog format, what autoresponder, what hosting , what WSYWIG editor, what FTP, what everything else. Take out the guesswork.

Basically - no surprises.

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