Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is Traffic Exchange Profits for You?

Last night, I was looking for ways to promote my link and ran across something called Traffic Exchange Profits by Butterfly Marketing (I think that's right).

It looks like a really good strategy and I will use pieces and parts of it, but I decided not to jump in head first. Had I found it before establishing a account I may have done it. Down the road, I may even do it with another account, but I will pass for now. The main reason being time and distraction.

The free Traffic Exchange Profits report explains how traffic exchanges work and the motivations of those who use them. It breaks it down into two important components:

1.) Getting Traffic
2.) List Building

In the getting traffic section, it recommends promoting Vital Viral on the front end to help build your traffic by building downlines in various traffic exchanges by promoting one link. It recommends for your autoresponder and list building, which is all good.
Here is the free report. The catch is, you have to join Trafficwave from that persons link.
If you wanted to use Traffic Exchange Profits, but already have a account, you would have to open another.

To fund your efforts, they want you to sell copies of "Stop Getting Scammed" by Dave Gray of the OBA (Online Business Alliance). For $5 you get that, a few other books and software and a membership into the OBA. It's well worth the $5 and it's a quick sale. Selling 4 a month covers your TW membership and selling more allows you to either buy traffic or upgrade in traffic exchanges to pro memberships. I joined OBA about a year ago and it paid for itself many times over. The problem for me was, the people who joined with me for different reasons, couldn't promote it and got frustrated. Basically, I made a video that did well. I need to start thinking of doing one for TW if I can get over myself hating do it. It did work like a charm, but I didn't feel right when others weren't willing to do it and had problems making sales. Basically, they wanted to put their link in a traffic exchange and hope for the best. Generic, self-replicated pages are convenient, but they do not work well in traffic exchanges.

Again, Traffic Exchange Profits is a good plan but for me it's a time thing. If you have time to go through all of this, it may be a good thing for you. The other thing is distraction.

For me it's way too easy to get distracted and all of this would be a distraction from my goal of promoting . This is something I've learned the hard way.

With Vital Viral, you can get people to join but more than likely they will already have memberships in numerous traffic exchanges and they will simply enter their existing user ids which does not help you build traffic.

Of course, these are my mere opinions and you will have to choose for yourself which methods work best for you. Put it like this, you can't go wrong using Traffic Exchange Profits with OBA for upfront cash, Vital Viral for lead generation, and for your list if you have the time and ability to stay focused.

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